Comparative Parameters of ASKUE Types
Description Data transmission
through lines (RS-485)
Data transmission
based on the PLC
electric lines
 1 Design and mounting works on system development It is required to develop the plan of cross connections and to mounting data lines in reticent way  or in special boxes  Electric meters areswitched on into the system immediately after their connection to the electric wiring.
 2  System operation

It is required to create a service for maintaining and controlling thetechnical condition of data lines Planning the operation of electric networks
 3 Possibility for extending the existing system Laying additional lines, installation of supplementary equipment and temporary switch-off of functioningsystem components are  required Increasing the  quantity of the electric meters (consumers) in a simple way
 4 Data protection from unauthorized access To prevent deliberate damage of the data channels, it is required to lay data lines in protective boxes. Low reliability level of data transmission is available Encoded information/data/ is transmitted through power wiring in a digital form, protected from unauthorized access
 5 Possibility of automatic registration in private sectors It is not profitable  by economic and reliability indicators Free data transmission without mounting any additional wires and equipment at a distance of 1000 m